The 10 Best Reasons to Incorporate CBD into Your Wellness Goals This Year

For many of us, 2021 was a challenging year. The evolving pandemic has left many of us feeling like we’re on an unbalanced see-saw of stress and anxiety.

Fortunately, scientific research continues to evolve and support using CBD to restore physical and mental balance. For example, a fall 2021 study published by the Journal of Addiction Medicine suggests that CBD may be helpful in treating anxiety and depression associated with the pandemic. And that’s why this year, there’s a fair amount of us who are embracing both 2022 and CBD with open arms, seizing the opportunity for refocusing and rebalancing our physical and mental health.

Here’s a list of 10 reasons to incorporate CBD into our wellness goals this year.

1. CBD Oil Encourages Balance

You regularly hear the idea of achieving “balance” thrown around in everyday conversations. This is because we tend to struggle with balancing life and work. Consequently, we’re often looking for ways to get things back on track.

In science, we use “homeostasis” to describe a state of balance in the body. CBD oil brings harmony (homeostasis) back to mind and body.

Harmony905’s full spectrum Fresh Lime and Fresh Mint CBD tinctures contain a variety of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids that work together to encourage mind-body balance. These fast-acting CBD drops are one of the fastest ways to experience the rebalancing benefits of CBD.

2. Simple to Use for Daily Maintenance

Adding CBD oil is one of the most versatile ways to boost your wellness routine. It improves so many physiological processes that it’s undoubtedly beneficial to use daily.

Since most of us already have a daily regimen that includes vitamins, supplements, and medications, Harmony905’s CBD Everyday Formula Softgels are a great way to enhance your daily wellness routine. Adding one or two CBD softgels to your morning routine is a perfect way to jumpstart your day and work towards crushing your 2022 wellness goals.

3. Rapid-Acting Mood Support

Stressful situations can arise in an instant, especially in the COVID-19 era. These (always) inconvenient distractors can really derail our productivity train and cause us to ‘check-out’ mentally. CBD tinctures are an easy way to experience immediate support for your mental state while allowing you the leeway to change your dose based on your needs.

Harmony905s Fresh Mint and Fresh Lime CBD Oil Tinctures are one of the fastest ways to feel the healing benefits of CBD.

4. Boosts Energy Without the Shakes

The endocannabinoid system, located in the brain and throughout the body, contains specialized receptors that may play an influential role in your mood regulation and its relationship to your ability to focus.

Soothing phytocannabinoids in CBD oil helps relax these overstimulated receptors. As a result, you can complete tasks with mental clarity.

Starting your day with one of Harmony905’s Strawberry Lemonade CBD Gummies allows you to tackle energy crashes before they even begin.

These tasty CBD gummies offer the support your body needs to power through the day in a way that makes you less likely to feel jitter—and won’t interfere with your ability to fall asleep.

5. All-Natural, Holistic Skincare

Skin is so much more than meets the eye. As our body’s largest organ, it’s a highly specialized barrier that works tirelessly to keep harmful microbes away while supporting our organs and keeping beneficial bacteria inside.

Cannabinoid receptors, which lie beneath the skin, function as security guards inside the skin’s barrier, waiting for and responding to any potential threats.

Whenever microbes penetrate the barrier, cannabinoid receptors trigger the endocannabinoid system. This ‘system breach’ may cause us to experience temporary pain or discomfort.

CBD topicals are perfect for nurturing your skin while calming cannabinoid receptors.

Just rub Harmony905’s USDA-Certified Organic CBD Salve in our rejuvenating Lavender Eucalyptus scent directly onto the affected area. The skin readily absorbs our formula’s potent phytocannabinoids and other skin-healing botanicals so you can revive your healthy, natural glow.

6. Supports Healthy Muscles and Joints

CBD oil is exceptional for everyday joint support or in-the-moment post-workout recovery. Phytocannabinoids in the oil aim for cannabinoid receptors within inflamed problem areas.

CBD influences those cannabinoid receptors to encourage homeostasis to rebalance the inflammation, support healthy joints, and relieve recurring muscle soreness.

Consider adding Harmony905’s CBD Softgels with Curcumin for daily aches and pains. These capsules unite the benefits of CBD with wellness staple curcumin, a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant commonly found in turmeric. Additionally, curcumin encourages the entourage effect due to its synergistic relationship with CBD oil, increasing the formula’s overall potency.

7. Supports Natural Sleep Cycles

If you’re serious about your 2022 wellness goals, you should prioritize good sleep. Sleep allows our body to restore, repair, and heal itself. Unfortunately, stress can cause your thoughts to race all night, therefore preventing your body from getting the revitalizing rest it needs.

CBD oil helps alleviate some of this mental obstruction so that you can relax and fall asleep naturally. Harmony905’s CBD Sleep Formula Softgels blends the natural hormone melatonin, which supports regular sleeping patterns with CBN, a cannabinoid known for its sleep-promoting benefits.

8. CBD Is Non-Habit Forming

It can be tempting to turn to over-the-counter pharmaceuticals or mask our problems with caffeine or alcohol. However, one major drawback is that these temporary fixes can potentially have long-term adverse effects and become habit-forming.

CBD oil is non-intoxicating plus if you choose to stop using CBD oil, it won’t cause any uncomfortable physical withdrawal symptoms.

Harmony905’s Full Spectrum Fresh Lime CBD Tincture is USDA-Certified Organic and has 0.3% THC or less. The tincture dropper is a 45mg CBD serving. These CBD drops promote the entourage effect minus any high or habit-forming ingredients.

9. Hemp is Natural and Sustainable

As we enter 2022, we’re more conscious of how we treat our bodies and Mother Nature. As a result, many of us are looking for natural, environmentally-friendly and ethically-produced products. Luckily, hemp inherently fulfills all those requirements.

Hemp is one of the most ancient products humans have used for essentials like food, clothing, and wellness since the dawn of time. In addition, hemp doesn’t take much water or resources to grow as different strains can thrive in various climates.

10. It’s Fun!

Adjusting to new wellness routines can be daunting and a bit of a challenge at first. Thankfully, none of these things describe what it’s like when you incorporate CBD oil. Instead, it’s quite a pleasure adding it to your routine!

For example, you can unwind after a long day with a hot bath and apply Harmony905’s soothing Lavender Eucalyptus CBD Salve to help relax your racing mind and relieve tense muscles. Or, be proactive ahead of your workout and encourage a speedy recovery by popping one of Harmony905’s Curcumin Formula Softgels. Have a nerve-wracking presentation coming up? Calm your anxious jitters with a dropper of Harmony905’s Broad Spectrum Fresh Mint Tincture!

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to boosting your health with CBD this year. Try including various CBD products into your wellness routine to see what works best for you.

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