Our team of certified CBD advisers are here to support you along the way.

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We can discuss your unique health goals and work on building a healthy, balanced regime — together.

*We do not provide medical advice.
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We offer tips, tricks, and experience for using CBD to make stress, sleep, pain, and discomfort more manageable. A Harmony905 dedicated staff member will check-in after your purchase by your preferred method of contact and will stay committed to answering all questions and concerns of yours throughout your CBD journey.


In 2019, while struggling with the side effects of prescribed medications for sleep and depression, Christina began looking for a natural alternative to support her mental and physical well-being. Her own personal journey with CBD and experience in the wellness industry as a registered yoga teacher and mental health advocate has helped inspire the mission behind Harmony905; to put people first. Christina strives to help others do what she has worked so hard to do for herself – find balance in daily life.

There are thousands of CBD products on the market but there’s only one of you.