CBD and Yoga: A match made for tranquility? Here’s how CBD can compliment your yoga practice

With no ‘high’-inducing components, there's a good reason why CBD has been sweeping through the wellness community.

It’s no secret that, as a nation, we are stressed out.

One look at the current news is enough to send blood pressures soaring, and that’s even before you add in the regular day-to-day stressors like bills, relationships, parenthood, and work obligations.

The resulting anxiety is suffocating for many, and life can feel like the proverbial hamster wheel to nowhere. Stifled productivity and racing thoughts leave us feeling all over the place.

To combat this ever-present feeling of anxiety, many have turned to the ancient art of yoga as a scientifically-backed tool to reduce stress. Instead of mentally checking out in stressful situations, yoga encourages mentally “checking in.” The benefits of yoga are well documented, as studies show it has been proven to combat:
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
Luckily, we no longer have to rely on yoga alone to get mentally centered, calm, and able to face our daily stressors with renewed clarity.

In 2018, the legalization of hemp-derived products and herbal supplements made the ancient herbal remedy of cannabidiol (CBD) available for the first time since the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, which categorized and regulated all forms of the cannabis plant as a drug.

For decades, we were forced to starve our endocannabinoid system (ECS) receptors. We have them for a reason — our bodies are specially hardwired with an ECS to make use of cannabis products.

Why CBD and Yoga?

CBD and yoga work harmoniously to manage racing thoughts and regulate our internal systems.

The relaxing, intuitive calmness produced by CBD over time is heightened when complimented by a yoga practice. Our body has a unique “bliss molecule,” neurotransmitter anandamide, that contributes to our overall sense of calm, accomplishment, and well-being. CBD works to suppress the enzyme responsible for dissolving the bliss molecule, thus extending the peaceful feeling that can be induced by meditation, breathwork, and physical exercise.

What are the benefits of CBD and yoga on a daily basis?

The benefits of pairing CBD with yoga extend beyond the mental benefits.

With CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory properties, the ECS is encouraged to target sore muscles and joints. As a result, post-practice aches and pains become more manageable along with increased fluidity and ease. This also promotes the cultivation of strength, proprioception (being aware of your body location in space with closed eyes), and mindfulness.

Separately, CBD and yoga are phenomenal stand-alone options for promoting a sense of inner peace and increasing the mind-body connection. However, when combined, this age-old duo kicks our efforts into high gear by working on brain chemistry to promote lasting, focused centeredness and cellular healing at a remarkable level.

Harmony905 was created with a yogic lifestyle in mind.

Co-founder and CBD adviser, Christina Kauffmann, is a yoga instructor and longtime practitioner. While looking for other natural ways to care for her overall well-being, CBD largely made a positive impact.

The benefits of incorporating CBD into your daily routine and practicing yoga are apparent. Now it’s time for more people to have access to this incredible combination! We cultivate community experiences with local yoga studios by offering educational talks and yoga + CBD workshops. Our premium CBD can support taking your yoga and mindfulness practices to new heights.

Harmony905 provides high-quality CBD products along with personal support and guidance. Look to us as your go-to resource for:
  • Organic CBD Oil in our invigorating fresh mint and fresh lime flavors
  • Organic CBD Salve available in our calming lavender eucalyptus scent
  • Premium-grade CBD Softgels filled with our gentle sleep formula
  • Premium-grade CBD Gummies in our delightful strawberry lemonade flavor
We offer a variety of ways to administer CBD, tailored to fit individual needs and tastes. Shop for Harmony905 in-store at Beloved Yoga in Reston, Virginia or click here to see all of our offerings!


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